Black Box
Recording Studio

phone :+33(0)241615866



Rates :

The daily rate includes our engineer, accomodation and on-site technical support.

If you bring your own engineer, we will help him/her to get started during the set-up. We‘ll do our best to assure your session runs smoothly.

Feel free to contact us to schedule a visit of the studio.

For rates, arrangements and bookings, please contact us.

Ideally, you should let us know two months before you plan to start your session, to assure that you get the studio time you‘re looking for.  

Additional Info :

If you have any technical questions concerning your session, get in touch with Peter.

First Recording at Black Box Special :

For a limited period we are currently offering 5 days of studio time for 2600 €

(excl. VAT) for your first demo or mini-album recording. We are aiming this particularly at young bands and musicians that haven't been here before in order to help and encourage them experience recording in a proper, professional environment with professional engineers.  Owing to the nature of it there are a number of conditions involved, so if you would like to find out more please email Sylvie at: